Revolutionize Building Inspections with Drone-Based Façade Assessments by Brady Infrared

Building Facade InspectionsRevolutionize Building Inspections with Drone-Based Façade Assessments by Brady Infrared
Revolutionize Building Inspections with Drone-Based Façade Assessments

Revolutionize Building Inspections with Drone-Based Façade Assessments by Brady Infrared

Enhance Building Integrity with Innovative Drone-Based Façade Assessments

Elevate your building maintenance strategy with Brady Infrared’s cutting-edge drone-based façade inspections. Our advanced survey technique, employing drones equipped with visual and infrared cameras, offers a superior alternative to traditional ground-based inspections. Leveraging over two decades of specialized experience in infrared technology tailored to Florida’s construction nuances, Brady Infrared excels in identifying various defects, including cracks, dis-bonded stucco, trapped moisture, and more.

Why Choose Our Survey For Your Building’s Facade?

Our survey provides an unparalleled initial assessment of your building’s façade, surpassing the detail achievable with ground-based inspections. By pinpointing defects with precision, it facilitates focused follow-up verification and analysis, optimizing your maintenance efforts. Moreover, our thermal imaging technology, rigorously validated against traditional methods, offers unmatched accuracy in detecting issues like trapped moisture, enhancing the efficacy of your inspection process.

Efficiency and Value

Unlike conventional surveys that may take weeks to months, our drone-based inspections typically require only 1 to 2 days for most high-rise buildings. This expedited timeline not only saves time but also minimizes disruption to your operations. The comprehensive data collected during the survey delivers exceptional value, providing insights crucial for informed decision-making and ensuring a substantial return on your investment in building maintenance.

What You’ll Receive from a Brady Inspection

Upon completion of the inspection, you’ll receive comprehensive building data presented through an interactive viewer platform. This platform includes detailed annotations highlighting identified defects on your building’s exterior, accompanied by a comprehensive written summary report. Additionally, we offer optional features such as 3-D models and a 360-degree virtual image tour of your building’s exterior, providing enhanced visualization for better understanding and planning of maintenance activities.


Open your eyes to unseen electrical, mechanical, and building moisture vulnerabilities. Brady Infrared can help you identify your highest-priority maintenance needs.


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