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Arc Flash / Infrared Windows

Arc Flash / Infrared Windows

Infrared Inspection Windows

As arc-flash awareness continues to grow, companies are tightening their safety policies for work performed on energized electrical equipment. Arc-flash events are the most common reported accidents within the electrical maintenance industry. Many accidents are related to handling of panel covers associated with infrared inspections. Arc-flash events are violent energy releases that occur when phase to phase or phase to ground contact is made. A percussive wave of molted metal and temperatures greater than the sun harm everything in their path, including destruction of switchgear if the event is catastrophic enough.

Arc-flash events depend on two factors: available fault current and a breakers trip time. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that high-voltage class electrical equipment has greater potential for incident arc-flash energy. Truth be told, lower voltage equipment often poses greater energy threats due to lower fault current energy inability to instantaneously trip a breaker. Dangerous arc-flash conditions can exist anywhere in an electrical system, and without an arc-flash evaluation, they are difficult to predict.

Infrared inspection windows are a great solution to reduce arc-flash events. The installation of these specially designed inspection ports eliminates the task of handling panel covers as well as directly exposing workers to energized equipment. Their benefits don’t stop there however, inspection can be performed quicker and with more frequency.

Brady Infrared is a licensed distributor and installer for IRISS infrared windows and temperature monitoring devices. We have a host of different sizes and designs that seamlessly fit electrical switchgear, panels, motor terminal boxes, and iso-phase bus duct. Let Brady Infrared help you make your infrared inspections quicker and safer. Consider infrared windows as a step in that direction.


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