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Building Facade Inspections

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Looking For A Better Way To Evaluate The Exterior Condition Of Your Building?

Brady Infrared offers an alternative survey method to conventional ground-based and swing stage building façade inspections by using drones equipped with visual and infrared cameras.

Utilizing over 20-years of infrared experience inspecting buildings specific to Florida’s construction and climate, Brady Infrared can identify the following defects:

Why should I use this survey?

This survey provides an initial condition assessment of a building’s façade that surpasses the level of detail that a ground-based visual inspection can deliver. It will hone in on defects and help focus follow-up verification and analysis.

How do we know thermal imaging works?

Our thermal data has been compared directly against hammer and tap surveys with excellent correlation. In fact, thermal imaging can show trapped moisture; something other surveys cannot.

How long does an inspection take?

Most high-rise buildings take 1 to 2 days to survey versus weeks to months as compared to conventional survey methods. The data we collect on your building provides great value and an excellent return on your investment.

What will I receive?

Building data is presented in an interactive viewer platform showing annotations of defects on your building’s exterior and a written summary report. Other options include 3-D models and 360-degree virtual image tour of building’s exterior.


Open your eyes to unseen electrical, mechanical, and building moisture vulnerabilities. Brady Infrared can help you identify your highest-priority maintenance needs.


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