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Brady Infrared: Revealing the Unseen World of Potential Threats

Brady Infrared: Revealing the Unseen World of Potential Threats

In our everyday lives, we rely on our eyes to navigate the world around us. Yet, there's a vast, unseen world beyond the reach of our naked eye—one filled with potential threats that often go unnoticed until they strike. That's where Brady Infrared steps in, using innovative technology to open our eyes to this hidden realm of vulnerabilities before they become major problems.

The Limitations of the Naked Eye

The human eye is an incredible visual resource, but it has its limitations. It can't detect loose electrical connections lurking within complex machinery, nor can it identify trapped moisture silently accumulating within insulated flat roofs or concealed within the walls of building envelopes. These issues may seem insignificant, but left unaddressed, they can lead to costly and sometimes catastrophic consequences.

A High-Tech, High-Touch Approach

At Brady Infrared, we've adopted a high-tech, high-touch approach that transcends traditional solutions. Our mission is to provide a personal and unmatched service that empowers our clients to optimize their maintenance practices and safeguard their assets proactively.

Thermography Inspections

Our key to revealing hidden vulnerabilities lies in thermography inspections. These inspections offer our clients an advanced sneak peek into potential threats before they escalate. We utilize cutting-edge FLIR infrared cameras and OFIL corona cameras to uncover unnoticed hot spots within electrical and mechanical systems. Additionally, we can identify the degradation of insulators due to corona activity, a problem that can lead to catastrophic electrical failures.

Uncovering Trapped Moisture

Trapped moisture within roofs and building envelopes is another concern that often remains concealed. With our experienced thermographers and advanced technology, moisture can no longer hide from our vigilant eyes. We expose its presence, allowing you to take timely action to prevent structural damage and mold growth.

No Location Is Out of Reach

Our commitment to vigilance knows no bounds. Brady Infrared operators are equipped to capture images from any angle and utilize various delivery capture platforms, including walking, ATVs, drones, helicopters, and even aircraft. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to identify potential threats.

Innovative Technology and Database Reporting

Our innovative technology is complemented by our state-of-the-art infrared database reporting software. This pairing enables us to not only detect issues but also to package and report results in a manner that is both accurate and tailored to the specific needs of each client. Your unique circumstances deserve a unique solution.

No Limitation

At Brady Infrared, we invite you to see beyond the limitations of your own eyes. Let us reveal the unseen world of potential threats that could be lurking within your systems and structures. Our dedication to innovation, high-tech solutions, and personalized service ensures that you're equipped to take proactive measures to protect your investments and avoid costly surprises.

Don't wait until it's too late—let Brady Infrared show you what your eyes cannot see.


Open your eyes to unseen electrical, mechanical, and building moisture vulnerabilities. Brady Infrared can help you identify your highest-priority maintenance needs.


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