Electrical Inspections

Infrared Thermal
Electrical Scans

Brady Infrared thermal electrical scans reveals potential vulnerabilities before they become problems. The credibility and expertise of our Level-II and -III Thermographers have helped our clients avoid equipment damage, reduce fire risk, and save millions of dollars in unplanned outages. Industrial drones can be used for aerial inspections of electrical equipment and structures.

The combination of our infrared and corona technologies provides the highest caliber inspections of utility and industrial electrical systems. Sophisticated drone technology with high performance infrared cameras lets us access power lines and other hard to reach equipment that is frequently overlooked.

Our thermal electrical scans cover a variety of environments.

  • Commercial Building and Industrial Electrical Systems
  • Utility Substations and Power Generation
  • Transmission and Distribution Utility Equipment
  • High-Voltage Indoor Switchgear
Case study

Connectivity to the
Florida keys

Electrical wires keep the Florida keys tethered to the mainland and to the
power grid necessary to sustain life. Without reliable connectivity, the
island would be isolated in the darkness of the Atlantic Ocean.

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