Brady Infrared - ISN Contractor Safety Management

Rotating Mechanical Equipment

Brady Infrared has perfected the use of thermal imaging to identify defects in rotating mechanical equipment.

Infrared imagery reveals an abnormal heating pattern of an airport baggage handler conveyor belt due to possible belt misalignment or roller issues.

We are experts in evaluating conditions of bearings, rollers, couplings, gearboxes and motors. Our use of infrared technology, combined with strobe and vibration analyses, offers a unique approach to maintenance inspection services.

Our technology gives you deeper insight into potential mechanical failures.

  • Industrial Machinery – Bearings, Rollers, Couplings, Motors
  • Conveyor Systems – Rollers, Belts, Motors
  • Insulated Process Equipment – Baghouses, Boilers
  • Storage Tanks

Vibration Data Collection

Our high-resolution vibration data collection and analysis inspection service relies on CSI Vibration Analyzers combined with infrared imagery. The combination is ideal for identifying specific problems on mechanical equipment that needs repair or replacement, especially for clients planning a maintenance outage in the near future. Capturing high resolution vibration data is applicable for industrial, manufacturing or commercial space.

Our spectral analysis readings reveal operational frailties in multiple mechanical components.

  • Motors / Pumps / Fans / Blowers / Chillers
  • Bearings / Couplings / Gearboxes

Infrared imagery shows a failing and hot bearing on an industrial pump.


Maintaining Manufacturing Integrity

Producing high-quality, dependable paper products requires high-quality, dependable manufacturing capability. That’s why Georgia-Pacific sets a high bar for the integrity and reliability of the mechanical equipment it uses for paper production.

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