Corona Imaging

  • Corona is an electrical discharge process that causes a partial breakdown of the air insulation that surrounds conductors in a high electrical field. It generally occurs at transmission line voltage classes of 69kV or greater, but is also common in 13 kV indoor switchgear cabinets. Corona produces ozone and mild acids that are destructive to conductors and insulators; and over time can lead to catastrophic failure that cause widespread outages and equipment damage. Most corona issues stem from original design and installation defects that over time protract into major failures.
  • Brady Infrared uses both ultrasound listeners and corona cameras to detect corona, tracking and arcing in electrical system. Ultrasound is very effective when inspecting indoor switchgear and our corona cameras are best when inspecting outdoor utility equipment associated with power generation, substations, and overhead transmission and distribution power lines. The corona camera is also very effective for finding radio frequency interference around airports and other sensitive broadcasting facilities.

Transmission insulator. Corona activity.

Breakdown and deterioration of corona on a utility transmission insulator

Corona activity on power cables in an indoor industrial substation – you can see light photons produced by corona on upper right section of cable.

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