Over-The-Top Expertise Inspection

Re-roofing more than one-million square feet over the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, can be a daunting and expensive proposition.

Over-The-Top Expertise Inspection

Orange County staff needed an accurate assessment of the amount of existing wet insulation present prior to the new roof application. Florida’s wet weather conditions did not allow for much dry time to survey the massive rooftop, so the project team selected Brady Infrared to apply its technology and expertise to expedite the massive maintenance undertaking.

Brady Infrared began with an aerial infrared survey to provide a large-scale thermal blueprint of the existing roof system. The infrared imagery revealed thermal anomalies typical of wet roof insulation and helped the project team narrow down its investigation to specific locations on the roof that required more detailed analysis. Brady Infrared directed the work of licensed roof contractor to core cut the roof in precise locations to verify wet insulation identified by the infrared imagery data.

The innovative Brady Infrared approach and its accuracy cut the roof inspection timeframe in half, saving valuable time and money for the county. Less than two percent of the roof area slated for construction was found to have wet insulation, as a result of the Brady Infrared inspection.

Using innovative data collection combined with advanced thermal imaging cameras, Brady Infrared provided Orange County comprehensive aerial coverage and security to address a massive maintenance project and keep the users of its convention center dry.

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