Connectivity to the Florida Keys

Electrical wires keep the Florida keys tethered to the mainland and to the power grid necessary to sustain life. Without reliable connectivity, the islands would be isolated in the darkness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Connectivity to the Florida Keys

The subtropical climate creates ideal conditions for wind, moisture, salt, and sun to wreck unseen havoc on the high-voltage electrical components necessary to keep the lights on. That’s why Keys Energy Service and Florida Keys Electric Cooperative selected Brady Infrared to conduct an end-to-end inspection of their transmission power lines connecting more than 40 islands. Using sophisticated infrared and UV corona cameras, Brady Infrared was able to detect harmful corona conditions on high-voltage electrical components throughout the string of islands. Corona, which is the ionization of air, produces harmful conditions that damage insulators and metallic connectors. If unaddressed, power companies could face the potential of a catastrophic electrical failure and widespread power outages. These conditions are difficult to assess with a normal routine inspection. However, Brady Infrared’s use of its newest corona camera helped provide a unique perspective into the effects caused by the corona activity on transmission power lines. The traditional approach to construction and installation of transmission lines along the Florida keys required a non-traditional and innovative approach to necessary maintenance. Brady Infrared’s corona camera provided real-time imagery that revealed vulnerable points on insulators and connections, and helped the utility company develop a maintenance schedule ahead of the potential problem that could impact service and the quality of life on the islands. Brady Infrared can bring its innovative approach to your utility inspection needs. Our inspections can cast a bright light onto your vulnerabilities and help your maintenance team stay ahead of potential problems.

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