Producing high-quality, dependable paper products requires high-quality, dependable manufacturing capability. That’s why Georgia-Pacific sets a high bar for the integrity and reliability of the mechanical equipment it uses for paper production. So when one of the company’s Alabama manufacturing facilities wanted to ensure the reliability of its one-of-a-kind specialty paper machines, it called on Brady Infrared. Georgia-Pacific asked Brady Infrared to develop a quarterly infrared inspection program to look at gear boxes, motors, bearings and coupling joints, all critical components in the operation of the machines.

With a vast amount of complicated machinery and over 700 components to inspect, the project presented several challenges. Working around large industrial machinery requires training and constant safety monitoring. Core understanding the mechanical process unique to the machinery helped to determine severity levels of operations. However, the biggest challenges facing Brady Infrared was the organization and tracking vast amount of mechanical components. Brady Infrared created an equipment inventory, drafted detailed schematics diagrams, and used database tracking software to provide the client necessary details. Each piece of equipment was labeled and critical monitoring points established.

The Brady Infrared team applied its expertise in thermal imaging and high-resolution vibration data collection, and quickly identified threats to the paper machine production. This gave the Georgia-Pacific mill confidence in its maintenance plan for scheduled outages.
The Brady Infrared maintenance program remains viable today and continues to save Georgia-Pacific money and provide peace of mind.