Experience and technology separates our team from the pack. Our high-tech, high-touch approach with customers means we use sophisticated data for personal Industrial maintenance inspections and consultative services.

The naked eye is an incredible visual resource. However, it can’t see loose electrical connections or identify trapped and hidden moisture in insulated flat roofs or inside the walls of building envelopes. So we look at the world through a different lens.

Brady Infrared uses innovative technology to open the eye to the unseen world of potential threats before they strike. Our infrared thermography inspection and consultation services give our clients an advanced sneak peek into vulnerabilities before they become big problems.

We use the latest FLIR infrared cameras and OFIL corona cameras to reveal unnoticed hot spots in electrical and mechanical operations, and degradation of insulators due to corona activity. Trapped moisture in roofs and building envelopes can no longer hide from our experienced thermographers. And, no location is too far out of reach for our sophisticated drones and our operators who capture infrared images from any angle.

Our innovative technology is married to infrared data-base reporting software that packages results in a manner that is accurate and applicable to each client.

Let us show you what your eyes cannot see.