40-Year Building Recertification Infrared Inspections


The Board of Rules and Appeals of Miami - Dade County Building Department approved the requirement that infrared inspections of electrical equipment be part of the 40 - year building Recertification for electrical systems operating at 400 amperes or greater. The Board has put some teeth into their requirements stating that inspections be performed by a Level - II or higher certified infrared thermographer who possesses over 7 - years of experience inspecting electrical systems associated with commercial buildings.

Brady Infrared Inspections has been providing infrared thermography services to South Florida since 2001, working with companies such as FPL, Miami - Dade International Airport, AM - Ex, Disney, Universal Studios, Telemundo - NBC Studios, Florida municipal water and power utilities and high - rise buildings in South Florida.

Brady Infrared’s inspection includes:

  • Level - II / Level - III certified infrared thermographers with 7 - years of experience
  • Baseline thermal and visual images of all electrical equipment to provide an “as - is” record of the equipment during the survey
  • Infrared and visual images of thermal anomalies detected during the survey
  • Qualified assistants to open and close electrical panels and enclosures
  • Arc - flash trained and use arc - flash PPE (Thermographers that are arc-flash trained and wear PPE)
  • Current technology 640x480 resolution infrared cameras with calibration records
  • Will assure that proper load conditions exist on equipment during the survey
  • Documentation of visual defect
  • Inspections and reports that follow published standards and guidelines for the infrared industry

We have worked on all types of
electrical systems imaginable.

Brady Infrared also provides electrical services including circuit tracing, one - line diagrams, ground / bonding testing and arc - flash studies

Electrical switchgear and panels that were state - of - the - art in their day, are now getting old and need a thorough inspection to assure that they are safe and reliable for service into the future.

If accurate and accountable infrared surveys are what you are looking for... Brady Infrared will deliver.


Let Brady Infrared make fast work of your building’s structural inspections. We use industrial grade drones with high - resolution infrared cameras to accurately document water intrusion, stucco dis-bonding, and cracks on exterior walls. Avoid the need for inspecting buildings from ground level or using swing - stages. High - quality, precise data can be capture on most buildings in 1 to 2 days and will greatly enhance your understanding of your building’s structural condition. This is cutting edge technology that Brady Infrared has developed as part of their infrared building inspection services and is designed to give engineers an initial assessment of a buildings structural integrity so they can make important decisions moving forward.

infrared image displaying cracks in building

“cracks in stucco wall that are holding trapped moisture on 22 story high-rise”

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