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Transmission And Distribution Electrical Scans

Infrared Scans On Transmission And Distribution Equipment

Performing infrared scans on transmission and distribution equipment can save power companies and municipalities hundred of thousands of dollars each year and increase the reliability and reduce power outages for their customers.

Watch this video presentation, as Jim Brady takes you through an infrared inspection of overhead power lines.

Brady Infrared performs infrared and visual inspections on over one thousand miles of overhead power lines and close to one hundred substations each year. Our staff of thermographers come from the power utility sector and provides unparalleled experience to some of the largest power utility providers in the State of Florida.

This thermal image shows a hot reclosure tanks on a utility pole that is low on oil. The bright yellow in the top portion of the tank indicates low oil levels.

Transmission and Distribution Electrical Scans

Please fell free to contact us to answer any questions you might have about infrared scans on transmission and distribution equipment. Call us today at 772-288-9884 or feel free to use our online contact form.

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