Structural Inspections

Roof Moisture Inspections

Brady Infrared Thermographers can quickly detect trapped moisture in insulated roofs using highly sensitive cameras and moisture meters. We plant our feet and infrared camera equipment directly on the roofing surface to collect detailed data for analysis.

We enhance our view with sophisticated drone technology to quickly capture meaningful data over large areas. Industrial drones can be used for aerial inspections of structures and specifically a structure's roof.

Our infrared roof moisture inspections cover a wide variety of roofing structures.

  • Low Slope Insulated Roof Systems
  • Built-up Gravel Roofing
  • Modified Cap Sheet Roofs
  • Single-ply Membrane Roofs
  • Sprayed Foam Roofs

Take an Early Look

Brady Infrared also offers construction phase inspections for new structures. Our innovative imagery reveals vulnerable spots prior to painting and waterproofing. The same technology we use for maintenance inspections also serves as a valuable investigative tool for legal actions associated with faulty construction and hurricane or storm-related claims.

Building Envelope Inspections

Brady Infrared performs building envelope inspections to help identify trapped moisture, structural defects in stucco and concrete building materials, and energy losses. Our colorful imagery makes it hard for problems to hide behind exterior walls.

Our drone capabilities and high-performance infrared cameras enhance our inspections with areal views that capture every exterior angle and surface.

  • Our inspections are comprehensive from the ground up
  • Vertical Walls and Windows
  • Water Intrusion
  • De-bonding of Stucco / Concrete / Industrial Coatings
  • Energy Losses
  • Water Spray Testing
  • Interior Leak Investigations
  • Problems related to building pressure flaws

case study

Over The Top Expertise Inspection

Re-roofing more than one-million square feet over the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, can be a daunting and expensive proposition.


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