Infrared Thermography Inspection Training

Let Brady Infrared help jump start your in-house program by offering hands-on training to your maintenance technicians. This will help you take your certification course to the next level by providing hands on training that will take classroom theory to real world application.

Brady Infrared will come to your facility and show you how to properly use your thermal imaging camera, help set up inspection routes and show you how to identify and document thermal patterns in electrical/mechanical, roofing and building systems.

Brady Infrared can tailor an infrared training program designed specific to your needs. Please contact us at 772-288-9884 for further details and schedule a training course.

In-House vs. Contracted Infrared Inspection Training

The advantages of hiring a contractor to come into your facility are:

  • If only a few days of infrared inspections are needed
  • Our Thermographers bring experience and the proper equipment
  • Costs for contracted services are fixed and can be budgeted
  • Very little in-house paperwork and support services are needed to have contractor perform an inspection
  • No camera and training cost necessary
  • Contracted services are all inclusive; supplying inspection and report
  • Contracted services can be used as an auditing tool for in-house program
  • Contracted services can be used in a support role to help under-staffed in-house programs

Distance Learning Thermography

Brady Infrared’s training program is by no means a substitute for formal infrared training courses offering Level-I, -II or –III certification. It is designed as a field methods course to ease the steep learning curve associated with predictive maintenance thermography.

Please fell free to contact us to answer any of your questions regarding infrared cameras and on-site training. Call us today at 772-288-9884 or feel free to use our online contact form.