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Infrared Predictive Maintenance

Let’s face it, building maintenance is necessary and can be an extremely costly part of any businesses operating expense. The good news is that infrared inspections through scheduled predictive maintenance and follow-up, reduces these expenses by identifying what components and/or systems really need to be replaced or repaired. No more guess work, no more waste.

When the proper corrections are made due to infrared proof, then these repairs become very cost effective and they make sense. I have yet to meet a person who, when presented with the benefits of infrared thermography, did not see its value.

The 3 Main Benefits Of Infrared Predictive Maintenance

Although infrared predictive maintenance has more than 3 benefits these are the top 3 that most of our clients agree upon.

The Economics Of Infrared Predictive Maintenance

Economic benefits of infrared predictive maintenance far out way the cost of the service. Yes, it is an investment in your company and your employees that can add substantially to your bottom line.

The following are just six areas that your company can benefit from infrared predictive maintenance:

  • Save Energy and Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Unscheduled Downtime
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Your Maintenance Personnel Efforts
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Reduced Inventory Costs
  • Equipment Design Improvement

You can read an in-depth account of each of these benefits on our Infrared Thermography’s Economic Benefits page.

Infrared Predictive Maintenance And Safety

Employers and insurance companies know that injuries and deaths are extremely costly, both in terms of time, money and survivor anguish. You can avoid such hardships by using infrared to anticipate and prevent explosions, fires and unsafe working conditions.

Aside from the obvious hazards of working around and with unsafe electrical equipment, damaged insulation is a safety problem as well. Refractory in boilers, steel mills and furnaces can degrade to the point where the structure can burn through. Wet insulation on high temperature/pressure piping can cause corrosion and catastrophic failure. Even finding a lot of wet insulation in a flat roof can be the key to preventing collapse of the roof due to overload.

Increased Public Relations Through Infrared Predictive Maintenance

Though most people do not think about it, infrared thermography is a great story for your public relations department. For example, many utility companies advertise to their clients that they use infrared services to enhance system reliability, thereby projecting a proactive stance and in return a positive public image. Likewise, infrared programs have been incorporated into company’s ISO9000 plans as part of in-house safety awareness for electrical fires and other dangers associated with equipment failures. Here again, thermography is being used as a tool to project a proactive and safety concise image to the company’s employees.

How Often Should an Infrared Inspection Be Performed?

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recognizes the benefits of infrared surveys to reduce accidents, save lives, and minimize unplanned shutdowns. The publication NFPA70B recommends that inspections be performed annually, and more frequently for equipment with a failure history and equipment that is critical to operation.

Most of Brady Infrared’s clients perform annual inspections. Of those clients who are diligent with follow-up repairs, we have seen a steady decline in thermal problems in their facilities over the years and reduced downtime of equipment.

Please fell free to contact us to answer any of your infrared maintenance needs. Call us today at 772-288-9884 or feel free to use our online contact form.

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