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Infrared Building Envelop Scans in Florida

2008-08-25 ….the building technology sector is fast realizing the potential of infrared technology to provide condition assessment of their facilities and help determine the resources necessary for remediation.


Roof and Building Damage Incurred During the 2004 Florida Hurricane Season



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  • Gauging When IR Inspection Window Opens/Closes
    Solar-driven infrared inspections of insulated structures and roofs must be performed when sufficient Delta T is present. Knowing how to gauge when this window of opportunity is present is critical to the accurate collection of data. […]

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  • Adaptive liquid crystal structural interface
    A structural interface having an adaptive liquid crystal material that is positioned to receive electromagnetic radiation and adapted to reflect a selective band of the received electromagnetic radiation so as to help with cooling of a structure in the summer and/or heating of the structure in the winter. The adaptive liquid... […]
  • Monitoring and security devices comprising multiple sensors
    A monitoring device comprises a single housing, a plurality of sensors supported by the housing to detect respective characteristics of a location, a processing device within the housing, and memory within the housing to store data collected by the plurality of sensors. The sensors may include a camera, a temperature sensor,... […]
  • Chemical vapor deposition with energy input
    Methods of depositing compound semiconductors onto substrates are disclosed, including directing gaseous reactants into a reaction chamber containing the substrates, selectively supplying energy to one of the gaseous reactants in order to impart sufficient energy to activate that reactant but insufficient to decompose the reactant, and then decomposing the r […]

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