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Infrared Services

Infrared Services Using Thermography

Infrared services has time and time again, in case study after case study proven that thermography is the most effective predictive maintenance (PM) technology available to quickly and accurately, and without interruption of operations, locate problems in various types of systems prior to failure.

What you see…

This is an image of the storage tank as you would see it through the lens of the regular digital camera.




What we see…

This is an image of the same object viewed through the lens of the infrared camera. The sludge and fluid levels can easily be detected.

Infrared thermography is a valuable and cost effective form of non-destructive testing to detect abnormal thermal patterns in electrical, mechanical, roofing, and structural systems. But what are the advantages of paying for an infrared program? Find out more about the benefits and economic advantages of infrared services.

Infrared Inspection Services

Infrared Inspections Of Electrical Systems

In electrical system, components get hot before they fail. An infrared inspection can help identify “hot spots” in electrical equipment. Poor connections, overloaded circuits, load imbalances, and faulty, mismatched or improperly installed components can create resistance which leads to increased heating and eventual failure.

Infrared Inspections Of Mechanical Systems

In mechanical systems, overheating can be caused by internal problem in motors, misaligned equipment, improper lubrication of rotating components, and improper tension on drive belts. Infrared inspections, or infrared surveys, can locate these mechanical deficiencies and help keep your equipment operating smoothly.

Infrared Inspections Of Commercial Roof Systems

Trapped moisture spells death for a roof and the underlying deck system. Brady Infrared can help you run an affective roof maintenance program by identify areas of trapped moisture with 100% coverage of your roof surface.

Infrared Inspections Of Building Envelopes

In hot and cold climates, positive or negative air infiltration can lead to high energy costs and unwanted moisture inside. Water infiltration can also be a detriment to plaster, drywall and other wall coverings and can also provide conditions favorable for mold development. Brady Infrared has helped many clients identify areas of latent moisture and active leak sites within various building constructions. We also work hand-in-hand with mold investigation companies to provide condition assessment and solutions to water infiltration problems.

Infrared Inspection Process Performed By Brady Infrared

Infrared Cameras

Brady Infrared’s cameras are high performance thermal imaging cameras manufactured by FLIR in both long-wavelength and short-wavelength versions to handle any of your inspection needs. These infrared cameras have on-board temperature sensing with digital and video saving options and are capable of detecting temperatures up to 1500 degree Celsius with sensitivity of 0.08 Celsius degrees. We also have various lenses to match the inspection task.


Our Thermographers

Brady Infrared’s thermographers have a broad understanding of the operations and problems associated with various electric/mechanical equipment and roofing/building systems. Inspections are performed efficiently and thoroughly. We use in-field PDA’s and tablet computers to assemble a comprehensive equipment inventory, operational status of equipment and thermal anomalies.

Infrared Reporting

Upon completion of an inspection, you will receive a report generated from InspecTrend software an infrared database program. InspecTrend is the premier inspection management program of the infrared industry (Download PDF File). Our thermographers reports include the following items:



Interested in finding out more about infrared inspections and your company’s buildings and building systems? Call 772-288-9884 or click our online contact form today. You’ll be glad you did.


Thermography On Wikipedia

Here’s more information about thermography on Wikipedia.

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