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High Voltage Electrical Scans

High Voltage Electrical Scans With Thermography

Industry and some manufacturing sites have electrical equipment in voltage classes that exceed 1000 volts; common classes include 4160V, 13,000 volts and 25,000 volts. Brady Infrared specializes inspecting this “higher” voltage class of metal-clad switchgear including load interrupter switches, rack-in breakers, transformers and motor starters. We use infrared technology to identify hot spots and ultrasound technology to detect corona and tracking. These are problems inherent to this type of equipment.

Brady Infrared inspects some of the largest industries in Florida and saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in lost equipment and production.

High Voltage Electrical Scans On A 13,000-volt Switch Cabinet

The infrared image above shows the inside of a 13,000-volt switch cabinet. In the background of the image you can see three hot lightning arresters. In the foreground, you can see horizontal hot spots that are areas of severe tracking on cable potheads. In a lot of cases, tracking and corona problems go undetected by infrared because they generate little to no heat, but are readily detected using ultrasound.

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