Drone Services

Brady Infrared Aerial Drone Thermal Surveys

Relying on over 20 years of thermal imaging experience Brady Infrared offers surveys using industrial drones equipped with high performance infrared and visual cameras to provide accurate and high-quality infrared imagery of various equipment and structures. 

FAA waiver to fly at night - critical when performing specific infrared surveys.

FAA Part 107 pilots are Certified Infrared Thermographers trained and qualified to survey:

  • Insulated flat roofs
  • Building envelopes
  • Underground steam lines
  • Insulated structures
  • Overhead power lines

Commercial Roof Systems

Experience has shown that high altitude imagery is a critical first step to evaluate the condition of large roof system to define where on-roof survey work needs to be completed. This data has customarily been collected using fixed-wing aircraft, and depending on the size and number of roofs, we still use aircraft. However, our drone roof inspection program allows us to offer that same detailed survey approach to any size roof and provide our client a composite image of their entire roof that will accurately show wet insulation and other defects.

Our inspection program includes:

  • High resolution photomosaic thermal imagery matched with high-resolution visual photographs to show the most recent condition of the roof
  • If required, aerial surveys can be followed up with a walk-on roof inspection to verify thermal anomalies and mark their location of the roof

Dark areas on roof show trapped moisture and energy loss on this industrial cold storage warehouse

Building Envelope Surveys

Brady Infrared has mastered the art of using drone to capturing close-up thermal and visual data of building envelopes regardless of size and complexity. Our certified thermographers understand building heat flow characteristics, so you are assured that surveys are conducted during ideal scanning conditions that produce accurate thermal data.

Our surveys can identify:

  • Cracks and tears in exterior cladding
  • Trapped moisture
  • Voids / debonding / delamination
  • CMU Pilasters / other structural features
  • Energy leaks


Our expert pilots have the ability to fly in demanding locations to capture critical thermal data and pinpoint problems like, insulation defects and abnormal temperatures that cause structural failures and affect emissions and processing thresholds. Our drones are equipped with RTK enhanced navigation systems which provide an added level of flight control to navigate around critical infrastructure in a safe manner.

Industrial equipment we inspect:

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Process and Storage Vessels
  • Emissions and Pollution Control Ductwork
  • Industrial Conveyor Belt Systems
  • Remote Electrical and Mechanical Equipment

Utility Power Line Surveys

With over 15 years of experience inspecting thousands of miles of utility power lines, Brady Infrared is sought after by some of the largest public and private power utility companies for their infrared inspections.

Brady Infrared offers comprehensive infrared and visual inspections for industrial and manufacturing companies that have facilities that own and maintain their overhead distribution infrastructure.

This service includes:

  • Customized surveys to meet our client’s specific needs
  • Baseline thermal and visual images of poles and equipment
  • Geospatial plotting
  • Detailed thermal and visual reports of problems found during the survey

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